I believe emotional healing is a journey that does not end this side of heaven.  Recently God allowed me to go through a difficult circumstance that in the end brought more healing into my life.  It was a situation that forced me to deal with some unfinished emotional wounds from when I was young.  I have come to look emotional pain as an opportunity to receive more healing.

At Survivors Of Abuse Restored we walk with women through their recovery from childhood sexual abuse.  For some the journey is a series of steep mountains and deep valleys for others it is a path with foothills.

On the healing journey through childhood sexual abuse there are several stops along the way. 

The first stop is finding your voice or beginning to talk about the memories.  Another stop is allowing oneself to feel the pain that has been pushed down for many years.   Also, learning to connect with and express the anger in healthy ways and replacing the false beliefs with truth are important stops on the road to healing.

Do we ever stop healing?  I hope not.  On the journey up the mountain we reach plateaus where we find peace and rest.  But, I am grateful the healing never ends this side of heaven.

Because of Jesus

Cathy Jo Summers

AuthorJen Spendlove