Our Ministry Center

110 S New Albany St

Sellersburg, IN 47172


SOAR Ministries Center

"Our Place" 

New meeting room.or just sit and relax.  ~ ~ ~ REVIEW SLIDE SHOW BELOW ~ ~ ~ 

New meeting room.or just sit and relax.


Services the Center Provides

Facilitator training 

Interviews for group placement

Support group meetings

Individual meetings with directors or facilitators

Crisis intervention


Education for spouses and families

Assess the needs of women from the community

Bible studies


Computer access

Social activities and fun events

Fundraising event organization 


Support Groups

SOAR Ministries offers several support group options. We have drop in group throughout the year. In this group each meeting has a stand alone topic and the attendees vary greatly. These are held at the ministry center. We also provide closed groups, where there is a set curriculum, a set number of weeks, and the same participants each week. Currently there are groups in Floyd, Harrison and Crawford counties. 


For more information on joining the support groups, please contact the ministry center at 812-748-9224 or soarministries@live.com. Messages left in either place are kept confidential and only accessible to our support groups director and trained ministry center volunteers.





Social Events

SOAR Christmas Party

SOAR Christmas Party

Everything from Christmas parties, to game nights, its not all hard work. We love to have fun too! SOAR members can also often be found simply hanging out at the ministry center, building relationships and enjoying a safe space where they can be fully themselves.

Bible Studies

"Describing God" by SOAR members

"Describing God" by SOAR members

We know that Jesus is our healer on this journey. But many of us have limited or distorted views of Him because of our past. Bible studies help us slowly get to know God for ourselves. These are always a nurturing environment where no question is taboo, and concerns are met with love.

Winter Retreat

Learning to Let Our Lights Shine!

Learning to Let Our Lights Shine!

At the winter retreat, participants go on a mini journey, through different illustrations of the larger journey.  We are invited to enter deeply into their truth, while creating hope for the future. The retreat also deepens relationships between members. 

Where is the center located?

110 S New Albany St.

Sellersburg, IN 47172