One in every 3 women are sexually abused by age 18.

Sexual abuse in childhood results in adulthood relational problems, depression, and anxiety.

Over 90% of women in jail in the U.S. are victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Childhood sexual abuse occurs across all ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and religious lines.

Childhood sexual abuse is a significant problem world-wide.

The roots of sexual abuse grow into adult problems.



Abuse victims are more likely to suffer from depression and mood swings.

Low Self-esteem

A common lie of abuse is that the victim is to blame or that they are "bad" or "dirty".

Marriage Problems

Lingering emotions from abuse can make it hard to connect with a spouse.


Worry, stress, and panic can often be directly connected to the wounds inside.


It's far to easy to misdirect anger from abuse at friends, co-workers, or family.

Bad Relationships

Survivors often seek out unhealthy relationships that remind them of past abuse.


This coping strategy provides brief relief from intense emotions while doing it's own long-term damage.

Drug Addictions

One way to avoid dealing with the pain is to just escape this world via chemicals.


There is hope. Recovery is possible.

SOAR has guided women in all walks of life towards recovery. We've found the following steps to be critical in every recovery process.


Understand the effects

Recovery begins with understanding the effect abuse has on our life and relationships today; how the shame, guilt, and anger we hide inside seeps out into our everyday lives.


Explore the memories

It's important to revisit and explore our memories in order to achieve healing. Revisiting memories is one of the best ways to replace the lies buried deep inside with truth.


Feel and process the emotions

Despite many years passing sometimes we've never allowed ourselves to truly feel the hurt and pain.  We have to know what you are letting go of before you can forgive and release the pain.


Find your voice

Abuse victims often feel they do not have a voice.  They have been taught to keep quiet and keep secrets.  It's possible to open up, share, and find your voice again.


Replace lies with Truth

Abuse effects our core beliefs:  "I'm bad", "It's my fault", "I'm dirty". These false beliefs result in shame and guilt. We can learn to replace these lies with the truth: we aren't bad or dirty and what happened was not our fault.


Learn to live healthy emotionally and spiritually

When we learn to live healthy we like ourselves more, our relationships improve, our shame and guilt fade. This isn't just a pipe dream.  


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